What is Feminist Philosopher?

Fem-Phil, Feminist Philosopher, is a platform for voice. It is feminism in action. It is the expectation that women should speak; that when women do speak, they should be heard; and finally, that each woman’s voice carries with it knowledge, authority and power.

Fem-Phil is both a call to voice and a call to action. It is feminist community, feminist space, and feminist solidarity through difference. Fem-Phil is your place to read, to think, to reflect, to struggle, and then to speak your mind. It is about the importance of finding your voice, sharing your truth, and connecting with other women across the globe.

What is FEMINISM? The short answer revolves around the recognition that women are full human beings; without defect or fundamental lack.

But that isn’t the whole story. FEMINISM is as varied as women are multiple. It is heard in their stories, felt in their struggles, and seen in the lives of everyone they impact. It is the current of energy, achievement, and strength of every woman.

We are committed to a feminism that is concerned about all women equally;

  • One that will not rest until all women are able to live lives that they choose for themselves
  • One that demands women have access to the care and resources that they need to be healthy and stable within their communities
  • One where women are able to fulfill their individual and creative potential according to their own desires and abilities
  • One where all of this is secured by freedom of fear from harm from men, religion, and government in every area of the world.

We want to work together and embrace the total diversity that is womanhood to bring about this goal; cultivating and using all of the unique talents, cultural and racial experiences, skills and commitment in solidarity with all other women, domestically and internationally.

It is a place to explore the multicultural, socio-economic, religious, demographic and racial components of Feminism today in an effort to re-define the possibilities for solidarity. This is a setting in which to delve meaningfully into the complexity of being the ‘same as’ but ‘different’ in ways which will lead to greater empowerment, self-awareness, and liberation for all of us.

We encourage people to contribute often and with as much of yourself as you can bring. We believe that there is work to do for the benefit and equal standing of women, and we need to do it together.

Invite others as you see fit and let’s create genuine Feminist Community with and for each other. Join us and let’s Re-Define Feminism in a way that provides for a flourishing global humanity for all.

**The postings here are to help give you an understanding of the many different voices of feminism — past and present — to hopefully encourage your own random acts of feminism in thought and body. We are dedicated to the appreciation of the struggles, humor, philosophical contributions, and revolutionary thought of significant feminist women.

Your additions are welcome, provided they positively highlight women, women’s thought, or women’s equality. Please provide attribution for every quote and be respectful of all non threatening/violent/vulgar opinion.