Leanne Dedrick, Ph.D.

Leanne’s blog centers on the relationship and points of conflict between feminism, philosophy, and theology. She focuses on feminism in daily life; highlighting both the struggles and victories of domestic abuse, religious indoctrination, and philosophical as well as theological issues of truth and goodness.



Yvonne Augustine

Yvonne’s blog centers on issues of becoming. She delves into the nuances of self transformation and the important work of “knowing who you are” and finding the courage to live the truth of your Self. She also writes about the struggles, humor, and joys of being an emerging Feminist, while finishing her Ph.D in Religion and maintaining a healthy married life with her husband.

Women Who Speak

This is a submission-based blog written by women engaged with feminism in their daily lives, intellectual pursuits, and emotional struggles. It is open to all women from around the world, and is a platform to express whatever the writer needs to engage in order to speak and be heard. It is a place for reflection, questions, struggles, triumphs, pain, and healing. It is a place for women and their feminist movement.

Men Who Speak

This is a submission-based blog, headed by Rafael Reyes, written by men who wish to reflect on, and engage, their relationship with feminism. It contemplates the struggles, the confusion, the places of conflict, moments of humor, and every place in between that can be found in the tricky space of relationship with women and feminist movement.

Artistic Expression

This is a place to share and display your own expressions of your self and your relationship with feminist movement. Don’t be shy! Submit poetry and songs you have written, art you have created, spoken word you have written – Wherever your heart lies and your medium speaks, we want you to be able to share.

Power-Full Quotes

Quotes to Empower and Inspire Feminist Action